Godly mother and baby


The Christian Home

The very first institution that God created was the family. It is the relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife that allows for the continuation of the human race. The union of these partners results in the propagation of society. Therefore, the family, as God created it is the cornerstone of civilization.


God has always held the family in a special place. The very first blessing that He pronounced was upon Adam and Eve. Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding in Cana. The relationship of a husband and his wife was chosen as the symbol of the relationship between Christ and His church. God took upon Himself the symbolism of a father to portray His love and care for those He called to be His own.

Families and World Culture

Families provide the core fabric of every culture. The family unit is how language is learned. Children learn how to treat members of the opposite sex through proper instruction and observation of the role models in their own house. An individual’s work ethic is formed in the first eighteen years of life by adequate parenting. The ability to choose wholesome friends out of a peer group is largely influenced by the help of family.

A family name is a blessing or curse carried for life. Taste in music is picked up early through exposure to great classic works or mindless entertainment. Understanding the value of time and money is often a familial trait. Health habits as well as eating habits get passed from generation to generation. A child’s feelings of self worth or insecurities usually stem from their perceived importance to their dad and mom.

The Role of Family Members


Every family member has a vital role to perform in order for a family to function optimally. The bIble spells out these role with great specificity. The first role mentioned in the home is the Husband’s place. Husband are to love their wife just as Christ loved the church. Christ loved the church to the extreme that He gave His very life for the church. Every woman should have the privilege of being loved by a man that she knows is willing to give his all for her.


A wife is to submit herself to her husband. The submission mentioned here is a mutual submission. A woman should have the chance to give herself away to someone that she knows puts her dreams and desires above his own. She should have confidence that she can trust her husband with her heart and future.


Children are instructed to obey their parents. The years of childhood are very short when taken into consideration of a normal adult life. However, these years spent in the home have a disproportionate amount of influence over a person’s entire lifetime. Every child should have the joy of being raised by committed, loving parents. A child should know that it is best to oby because their mom and dad alway have their best interest at heart.
When each part of the family is functioning as God intended then it is possible to experience a bit of heaven on earth. It is not the easiest thing in the world but it certainly is an investment that pays great dividends of a lifetime.