School boys in class


Private Christian Schools

Education for the Spirit, Body, and Soul

Education provides the foundation for a productive life. The years of a person’s childhood are the most formative years in all of life. This educational process should not be entered into lightly. Much consideration should be placed on the many contributing factors that form the intellect, emotions. and will.


A short explanation is required in order to clarify a few basic terms. A Christian education is much more than just a private education. Education options are varied but the basic options are public, secular school; private school; private Christian school; and homeschool or parent directed education.


Public, Secular School


This type of schooling is provided by the government and under normal circumstances is administrated by the Department of Education. In the present day it is humanistic in its core philosophy. Children and young people are instructed that there is no creator, that mankind and the existing world evolved by chance and random accidents. This philosophy leaves the individual lost for the answers when it comes to the great questions in life. How did I get here? What is my purpose for being here? What happens after this life? Is there any real meaning to this life?


This type of school system has also demonstrated a high propensity for enabling pupils to get lost in the educational system and be pushed through the critical development years without ever truly receiving  quality education.


Private School

This type of education provides a much higher level of individualization. The educational institution is usually funded from private tuition or donations. Students are admitted on a case by case basis. It is normally considered a privilege to be in the school and not a right. The pupils are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct as well as an academic standard. If at any time this is not maintained then a student may lose his or her opportunity to continue in this type of educational system.


Private, Christian School

Christianity is a way of life. The Word of God teaches that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child grows up in the proper manner. With this in mind, this type of education provides the parent the opportunity to be much more involved in the selection of environments to which their child is exposed. Christian educational institutions are administrated by local individuals from within the specific community where the school is located.


The philosophy is based on the idea that a child should receive training and education for their intellect, emotions, and will. Character development is seen to be just as important as academic development. Accreditation groups are voluntarily joined to ensure that every requirement of the Department of Education is either met or exceeded.



Home education is not a new phenomenon although it has risen to prominence over the last decade due to failing education systems and poorly managed social factors within the schools. Here parents assume the responsibility for their own child’s educational development. That does not necessarily mean that the parents do the teaching or that the classes are held at the home. As this kind of educational program continues to grow, new avenues keep springing up.
The highest qualified personnel can be employed and buildings that have available space can be used to host classes. Ultimately the parents serves as the director of the student’s education. All of this is done under an umbrella organization that serves as a liaison between the educational requirements of the state and the actual performance of the school.