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The Local Church

The Present Incarnation of the Body of Christ

It has been over two thousand years since the Lamb of God walked the earth. Yet, His words are still heard every day in the ears of those who will hear. His hands are busy reaching out in service to the rich and poor. His feet are carrying the good news of all that life can be to those who have been forgotten and marginalized in society. His shoulders carry the burdens of millions. The hope of His return inspires the weary and heavy laden.

All of these works of charity are carried out by the local church. In large metropolitan cities, rural towns and villages, and everywhere in between there are those that continue to gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the purpose of fellowship, Bible study, prayer, worship, and service. The Bible teaches that anywhere even just two or three people are gathered in the name of Jesus, He will be in their midst.

Jesus said that the group of baptized believers that have joined themselves together for the purpose of carrying out the great commission is His assembly. When this group is assembled there are many terms used to describe the nature and functions of this assembly. The most common term used to describe this group is a body.

Jesus is the head of the body and each person that has committed their life to be His disciple become the members of this body. Each member serves a unique role just as each part of the physical body has its own purpose. No individual part is of more importance than the next. An eye performs a different function than the foot but that does not mean that the eye is greater. How would you like to walk on your eyes or see out from your feet?

Unfortunately, many of the parts of the body of Christ do not function as they were meant to. The present idea of belonging to a church is more along the lines of observation than participation. It would be no different than having a handicapped body with multiple appendages that refuse to operate properly due to lack of development, damage, disinterest, or complete loss.

When the church is assembled in one accord and is fully functioning with each member in his or her proper place then a community can experience the joy of spiritual development, love and communion that can only be found in Christ.

Church ministries include nursery for infants and toddlers; children’s Sunday school classes, choirs and activities; social groups for teenagers with wholesome friends and peers; events and fellowships for students in college and single adults; Bible studies for newly married couples along with resources for young couples and married adults; as well as adult services including senior citizens.
There is something for every age group in the local church.