The Symbol of Christianity

The Immaculate Influence of the Son of God


Jesus is without question the greatest figure in human history. His life and teachings have had the most significant impact on the quality of life of individuals worldwide. No other figure has been responsible for spreading hope, faith, and love to the degree that the Lord Jesus Christ has.

In  the most recent accounts the number of Christian denominations that claim to follow the Lord Jesus is approximately thirty-three thousand. Individuals that claim to be adherents to the Christian faith as of 2016 are two billion two hundred thousand, accounting for over one-third of the world’s population.

Christian Institutions

The compassion that Christ exemplified during his earthly ministry became the foundation for works of compassion down through the centuries. Churches, hospitals, schools, orphanages, and various other charitable enterprises can be found in nearly every nation from the great urban centers to the most remote villages.

Christian Homes

The foundations of human civilization have been built and strengthened through these same examples and teachings. The family is the cornerstone of life. It is the institution that allows society to continue and when it functions properly these relationships bring joy, meaning, and happiness to all those involved.

Christian Literature

The Bible, which chronicles the life of Christ from His preincarnate form to his incarnation, glorification, and coming reign, is the best selling book of all time. Christian literature has enriched the life of billions. The desire to make the Holy Scriptures available to the common man led to the invention of the moveable type printing press. It was this press that lifted the world out of the dark ages.

All of humanity owes a debt of gratitude to Jesus Christ and those that have faithfully followed His teachings. The church in its local form, the home, educational institutions, and spiritual literature all make an invaluable contribution to the quality of life that is available today.